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About Wiggelaar

Wiggelaar has been a well-run company for four generations now. Its current Managing Director is Paul Wiggelaar. In the paragraphs below he briefly describes the interesting history of this authentic company.

125 years experience

Wiggelaar helps you move house quickly, competently and safely. With 125 years of experience, Wiggelaar Removals has everything you need. From packing your belongings to hanging your paintings on their new spot, Wiggelaar Removals will be glad to help you.
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Why choose Wiggelaar

125 years of experience; For four generations now, Wiggelaar has been a well-run removal company,
Wiggelaar Removals is your Recognised removal company in Amsterdam. By meeting a number of conditions, recognised movers have proved to be a reliable partner.
  • 125 year experience
  • Recognised company
  • Professional service
  • Excellent service
  • Perfect reviews
  • Your removal arranged A-Z

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For more information you can also call us at +31 20 420 5000 or make use of our call-back service. Then we will contact you as soon as possible.

Additional services

We also help you to rent the following services at an affordable price!


Wiggelaar Removals can help you move house in Amsterdam.


A good quality moving box will protect your belongings during transport.


With Wiggelaar you can hire professional moving lifts in Amsterdam, even if you do the removal yourself.


Wiggelaar has an air-conditioned warehouse at the Houthaven in Amsterdam.


Wiggelaar Removals offers you the option to hire a moving van in Amsterdam.


You can also have your furniture disassembled by the movers of Wiggelaar.


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Ask for an offer

Ask an offer

For more information you can also call us at +31 20 420 5000 or make use of our call-back service. Then we will contact you as soon as possible.
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History Wiggelaar

“Until 1883 the founder of our present company was a cheese production labourer with the Wijsman company. We used to do transport work for this firm until its discontinuance around 1890. In those times long past my great-grandfather was an agent of a brewery, “De Hooiberg” (Poort van Cleve). Manual labour was not possible any more for my grandfather after a stomach bleeding at the age of 34. However, he continued to be involved in the management of the company until he was 86.

In 1923 my grandfather converted the company into a cooperative company with his sons Chris and Paul as partners. At the time our services were of an entirely different nature than today. We cleaned rugs, brought ladies to the theatre, made payments, collected debts, kept keys of warehouses, and of course, provided porter services.

During the First World War we had twenty horses on stable at the Bloemstraat and the Laurierstraat. The garage and the office have remained at the latter address for a long time. In 1936 we became horseless. A situation that lasted until 1940 when the Second World War broke out. In 1955 my grandfather and the third generation continued the company, which moved from the Driekoningenstraat to the Singel in late 1968. We do not keep keys any more and after 1948 the horses were history as well.

In view of the changing times, we started concentrating entirely on the removals business after the 1960s. Late 1976 our office was moved from the Singel to the Laurierstraat. By then we really started specialising in project, office and private removals. The porter’s business became a parcel delivery company.

Today, we still do our work with care, attention and competent, enthusiastic employees. We have just celebrated our 125th anniversary with a lively party, which marked the beginning of the next 125 years.”

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