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Moving boxes

When you move house, moving boxes are indispensable, of course. A good quality moving box will protect your belongings during transport. We have special moving boxes for different types of material, to transport your household effects as safely as possible. If you move house with Wiggelaar Removals, the boxes are included in the service as a matter of course. If you move yourself, you can obtain moving boxes from Wiggelaar.

Moving boxes included in the service

If you move house with us on the basis of a quotation, then the moving boxes, wardrobe boxes and picture boxes are always included. Delivery and collection of the boxes is included as well. You only pay a deposit of € 50 upon delivery, which you get back when the boxes are collected again.

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For more information you can also call us at +31 20 420 5000 or make use of our call-back service. Then we will contact you as soon as possible.

Hiring moving boxes

If you have opted for a do-it-yourself removal, you can certainly use good quality moving boxes. The purchase of good moving boxes can be quite costly. Therefore Wiggelaar offers you the option to hire moving boxes. The boxes we provide are folding boxes with carrying holes. The prices for the hire of moving boxes are shown in the table below.
Product/service Price Refund upon collection
Delivery of moving boxes within Amsterdam € 20,00 -
Collection of moving boxes within Amsterdam € 20,00 -
Moving boxes, per box € 3,50 -
Refund upon return within 1 month - € 2,00
Refund upon return within 2 months - € 1,00
All prices are inclusive of 21% VAT.
Upon delivery of the moving boxes you pay € 20 delivery charge + € 3.50 per box. If applicable, we also charge a collection charge of € 20.00. You can also pick up and return the moving boxes yourself. In that case the delivery charge is not applicable.

The delivery and collection charges for hiring moving boxes are applicable within Amsterdam. If you live outside Amsterdam, information on these charges is available on request

When you return the boxes, you will receive € 2 per box within 1 month and € 1 per box if you return them within 2 months After two months the moving boxes are not taken back any more.

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Purchasing moving boxes

You can also buy moving boxes from us. This will allow you to unpack your belongings at your convenience after the removal, and any items you want to store can even be left packed in good quality moving boxes. There are several types of moving boxes for the different items in your belongings.

Wiggelaar supplies folding boxes with handling hole, glued boxes without handling holes, book boxes, wardrobe boxes and picture boxes. And for packing paper, tape and bubble wrap you are also at the right address with us. The prices of boxes and other accessories can be found in the table below.

Product/service Price, new Price, used
Moving boxes;Folding boxes with handling holes
€ 3,50 € 2,75
Moving boxes;Glued boxes without handling holes
€ 2,75 € 2,25
Book boxes;Glued boxes without handling holes
€ 2,25 € 2,-
Wardrobe boxes
135 x 50 x 60 cm
€ 14,- -
Picture boxes
75 x 15 x 100 cm
€ 8,- -
Bubble wrap
0.5 m wide
€ 0,50 per meter -
Bubble wrap
1 meter breed
€ 1,- per meter -
Tape, transparent € 2,25 -