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Moving house for senior citizens

Wiggelaar Removals is there for everyone. Especially if you have come to an age at which you can use some extra help, Wiggelaar is the right address for you. By discussing your removal in detail with you, and thanks to the extra services we offer you, your removal will be perfectly organised.

Your removal: we take care of it

Senior citizens moving house also have to make a lot of arrangements. To make sure that everything is perfectly arranged, we can help you organise the removal. A moving lift, parking permits, we will arrange it for you. Moreover, your household effects are always insured up to €100,000 euro during the removal; a comforting feeling!
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Why choose Wiggelaar

125 years of experience; For four generations now, Wiggelaar has been a well-run removal company,
Wiggelaar Removals is your Recognised removal company in Amsterdam. By meeting a number of conditions, recognised movers have proved to be a reliable partner.
  • 125 year experience
  • Recognised company
  • Professional service
  • Excellent service
  • Perfect reviews
  • Your removal arranged A-Z

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For more information you can also call us at +31 20 420 5000 or make use of our call-back service. Then we will contact you as soon as possible.

Additional services

We also help you to rent the following services at an affordable price!


Wiggelaar Removals can help you move house in Amsterdam.


A good quality moving box will protect your belongings during transport.


With Wiggelaar you can hire professional moving lifts in Amsterdam, even if you do the removal yourself.


Wiggelaar has an air-conditioned warehouse at the Houthaven in Amsterdam.


Wiggelaar Removals offers you the option to hire a moving van in Amsterdam.


You can also have your furniture disassembled by the movers of Wiggelaar.


Ask for an offer

Ask for an offer

Ask an offer

For more information you can also call us at +31 20 420 5000 or make use of our call-back service. Then we will contact you as soon as possible.
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Extra help during the removal

If you have difficulty walking, or things just do not go as easily as they used to, the movers of Wiggelaar are there to support you. For instance, they can help you pack your things, they can (dis)assemble your furniture, and help you take your lights, curtain rails and paintings off the wall and put them back on again.

Your old house handed over perfectly clean

If you wish, we can dispose of the furniture that does not need to be moved. We can also remove the floor covering from your old house. Of course, we will sweep the entire house, so that it can be handed over clean and empty..

Your belongings transported safely

With our many years of experience, your belongings are in good hands with Wiggelaar. The movers of Wiggelaar are specialised in packing antiques and other valuables. The use of special picture boxes also allows safe transportation of your paintings.

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